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Congratulations, you just walked into Dream Palace Casino Casino! The place where you can receive a 50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead as a welcome gift! Usable on all games at Dream Palace Casino, Phone Bill Casino. Isn’t the convenience of using your Phone Bill as a deposit method great? No more hassle with payment services or credit cards, simply use the same bill that you are using anyway!

Phone Bill Casino50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead

At Dream Palace Casino, you have the opportunity to deposit using your mobile phone bill. As a reward, you get a50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead. Let’s assume you deposit £10 using your phone bill. Then on your £10 you will get 50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead!

Mobile Online Slots

Phone deposit slots are waiting for you at Dream Palace Casino! Over unique mobile slots to choose from!

Dream Palace is the best in making dreams come true. This is why it’s a great Phone Bill Casino! Play any kind of game from slots to roulette using your phone bill. A phone bill casino is oftentimes also called;

Step by step Guide to play and deposit at a Phone Bill Casino

To deposit at a Phone Bill Casino is one of the most easiest methods online. Just follow the steps explained below:

  1. Visit

    Visit the Dream Palace Casino lobby

  2. Join

    Click the “Join Now” button  which will open the registration form. We will send you a confirmation email with your account details. Great in case you forget your username!

  3. Activate Account

    Click OK to activate your account. When registering make sure to enter your correct mobile phone number as we will be sending you a confirmation message with a code you will need later!

  4. Deposit

    Click Deposit Now

  5. Mobile Billing

    Choose “Pay via Phone” as your deposit option

  6. Deposit

    You are nearly there, just some quick things left!
    1) Click £10
    2) Enter the 4 Digit Code we sent you by text message when your registered
    3) Tick “I acknowledge the above information”
    4) Press the big “Submit” button

  7. Have Fun!

    BOOM! You have just added 50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead to your account using your phone bill and we have also added a 50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead as well!

    You now have everything you need to Play Dream Palace Casino! Be aware that there is a small fee using this payment method, always check with your provider what terms apply to you.

    Go pick your favourite game and start playing. Best of LUCK!

Dream Palace Casino | What's Next?
Dream Palace Casino | What's Next?


  • Can you play Casino and pay via mobile phone bill?

    Could it be any easier? Just play and your deposits will be written to your bank account together with your phone bill. Casino pay via mobile phone bill is the preferred banking method to many, but it is also one that isn’t free like most (mobile) payment methods. So be sure to choose wisely and with your wallet in consideration when choosing a casino processing method.

  • How does casino by Phone Bill work?

    Like buying apps in the Play Store, you can use your phone bill to deposit on Dream Palace Casino. This is a very easy and convenient way to make your payments. There are some notable drawbacks though: there is a fee in depositing, you can’t withdraw using your phone bill and it is hard to keep track of your budget as you pay by the end of the month. So pay via Phone Bill casino is great, but use it responsibly!

  • Do I have to pay transaction fees when depositing with your Phone Bill on Dream Palace Casino Casino?

    At Dream Palace Casino Casino we charge a small fee of 15% when depositing using a Phone Bill Subscription! Note that your provider can charge you for their services or that there may be an interest rate on purchased items.

  • Is it safe to deposit and withdraw with a Phone Bill on Dream Palace Casino Online Casino?

    Yes. By using your phone bill, you log in with your provider on your own phone. You are also protected by the SSL-Encryption on our website. This makes depositing money with your phone bill on Dream Palace Casino Online Casino completely safe. It is not possible to withdraw money using your phone subscription.

  • How long will it take before a payment is processed with the Phone Bill on Dream Palace Casino?

    Transactions with a Phone Bill on Dream Palace Casino are processed immediately. You will receive your welcome bonus simultaneously when you make your first payment and are ready to play all of our games. Note that you will have to approve your purchases with your provider before they go final.

  • Can you pay in terms when using Phone Bill for online casino deposits?

    Since there is a fee on depositing with a phone bill, we advise against making multiple payments. Due to the payment being part of your phone subscription, you will technically pay in terms. But this will be considered debt and we thus advise against making overuse of this payment method. Luckily, we offer many great alternatives!

  • I own a prepaid phone but still want to play casino games. What alternatives do I have?

    We offer players multiple financial services to choose from when playing on MobileWins Online Casino. These vary from credit cards to e-wallets and mobile payment solutions. Take a look at our complete list of payment and withdrawal options and their specific terms.

  • Pay using phone credit Slots?

    One way to play on a Pay via phone UK casino is by using phone credit slots. So how do these work? You can charge your account balance using your mobile phone bill. Though keep in mind that you pay a 15% transaction fee and you are essentially using your mobile phone as a credit card. You might want to consider different solutions such as Pay Via Phone.

  • How to Pay with your phone casino?

    Pay with your phone casino is one of the most heard requests. This comprises the different methods mentioned above. The great thing about Dream Palace Casino is that we are not only a casino but also a sportsbook. Meaning we don’t have just one, but two welcome bonuses! Sign up and deposit and receive 50 Free Spins Bonus on Book of Dead on your pay with your phone casino deposit and when you make your first sportsbook deposit.

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