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Blackjack is a famous casino game that is often played against a casino dealer. Although the game is lovely and quite interesting to rock, nonetheless, it is important to note that it isn’t so simple as other games available at casinos because you must be a bit skilled and more strategic. However, certain simple and advanced tips could be employed to make the odds favor you and increase your chances of winning.

However, certain simple and advanced tips could be employed to make the odds favor you and increase your chances of winning. Here in this article, we shall be discussing important tips that would improve the way you play and, as well, bring you the winning jockey. Below are a few tips for blackjack gameplay:

  • Learn the blackjack strategies basics

One thing you must be sure of right before you begin to play is the basics of the game.

  • Maneuver your bankroll

Apart from the first step of learning the basics, another thing to be worried about is how to manage your bankroll! You must make sure your wagers are well-spread. If you are a beginner, it is more appropriate to begin with low bets. Doing this, you’ll see through the nitty-gritty of the game, and even if you lost a few times, you would still be left with some cash to keep you going.

  • Know when to quit

Losing in a game most times begets disappointments, especially at the beginning or midway into the game. You must know when to stop because if you fail to do that, you have a very high probability of losing even more. You can also quit if you’ve been winning. this would, at least, help you keep your winnings and keep you from losing imminently.

  • A-must-follow-rule

Anytime you’re drinking, try as much as possible not to play blackjack with real money. The intoxication of alcohol can prevent you from thinking straight and having a clear head. This might be disastrous as you might be losing more than expected.

If there ever was a casino game with true American origins, it sure has to be Blackjack. While the game is known as a precursor to Vingt-Un, which has Spanish roots, Blackjack is believed to have originated in North America. Also known as Twenty-One, it is the most popular casino game except for Poker. You should also know that Blackjack and Black Jack are two very different games. Black Jack is a card game mostly played in the UK.

If you are a beginner, it’d be wise to start with understanding Blackjack card values and rules. Read this entire post, and by the end, you’d have mastered the basics.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a card comparing casino-banked game. In other words, rather than competing against each other, all the players compete against the casino or house. Apart from brick-and-mortar casinos, the game is also very popular in online casinos across the world.

To win the game, you need to beat the dealer by getting a hand value closer to 21 without going above 21. 2-7 players can play Blackjack with one or more deck of 52 cards.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Before getting into Blackjack card values, let us have a quick overview of how this game is played.
The game begins with each player placing their bets and receiving 2 face-up cards. The dealer also gets 2 cards, but one of them is a Hole or face-down card. Once all the players play their hands, the dealer then discloses the Hole card and starts playing the hand. After receiving your 2 face-up cards, you can either go for a Hit or draw additional cards or Stand without drawing any more cards.

Players can draw additional cards as long as the hand value reaches 21 or as close as possible. But in case if the value goes beyond 21, you will go bust and lose automatically. It is very much possible for players to receive a hand value of above 21 and go bust with their first 2 face-up cards.

Here lies a house edge as the dealer only plays after all the players play their hand. So, a few players can go bust even before the dealer reveals their Hole card and starts playing.

What are the Actions Players Can Take in Blackjack?

Once players are dealt 2 face-up cards, they can take these actions:


Players have the option to take a “Hit” or draw additional cards if they are not satisfied with their hand and the total is below 21 points.


If a player is satisfied with their hand, they have the option to “Stand” and not draw any additional cards.


If the 2 face-up cards of a player are of matching rank, the player can ask for a “Split” and place an additional bet that equals the original bet. With this action, the players’ hand will split into two hands. One card from the 2 face-up cards will be spread across two hands, and one additional card will be dealt to each of the two hands.

Double Down

When players have a favorable hand, mostly with a hand value of 11,10, or 9, they can “Double Down” and place an additional bet which equals the first bet. If the player takes this action, an additional card will be dealt, and the player will then be required to stand in the game mandatory.

Blackjack Card Values

Now that you’ve got the basic setting of the game, here are the Blackjack card values:

  • Cards 2-10 have face values
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks have a value of 10 points
  • Aces can either be 1 point or 11 points

Ace is considered a 1 point card in case if the hand value goes above 21 if its value is taken as 11 points. So, in case if a player receives 2 Aces as the first 2 face-up cards, the value of one of the Aces will be considered 11 points, and the other will be 1 point as 2 Aces of 11 points will take the hand value to 22.
Also, when Ace is given a value of 1 point, the hand is known as a “Hard Hand.” If its value is taken as 11 points, the hand is a “Soft Hand.”

If the first 2 face-up cards of a player are an Ace and a 10-point card, it is called a “Natural” or “Blackjack,” and it will beat all the other hands. But if the dealer and a player both have a natural hand, the game will end in a tie or “Push.”

Insurance Bet in Blackjack

Many of the offline and online casinos also allow players to place an “Insurance” bet when the first open card of the dealer is an Ace or a 10-point card. Think of this as a side bet you make on whether the dealer will have a Blackjack. This bet is generally half of the initial bet amount. Talking about insurances, with our 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead bonus you are insured to get the most out of your money when playing with Dream Palace Casino!

Payouts in Blackjack

As mentioned above, the game is tied in case if the hand value of a player and the dealer is equal and below 21 points. If the player has a hand value closer to 21 than the dealer, the player wins the game and receives a 1:1 payout.

If the player has used the “Double Down” action for placing additional bets, the payout will be in 1:1, including the initial bet and the additional bet.

In case if the player has a “Blackjack,” the payout will be 3:2. So, if the initial bet was $10, the payout will be $25 ($10 bet amount and $15 in winnings).

Getting the Blackjack Basics Right

Like any other casino game, it is always better to thoroughly understand the basics of Blackjack before playing. Now that you have the Blackjack card values, actions, rules, and payouts, go through all of it a few times, and you should be ready for practice games.

Get some experience with trial games before you start playing with real money. As Blackjack is a pretty straightforward game, it shouldn’t take a lot of time for you to start winning.

Tips on blackjack strategies for beginners and average players

Get educated on the correct basic blackjack strategy

For beginners, there’s nothing more important than learning the appropriate basic blackjack strategy of the game

  • Don’t play a 6:5 paying game on blackjack
    You must ensure you adhere strictly to those paying the full 3:2. This is because having an 8-deck game that pays 3:2 in full is much better when compared to that of a single deck that pays just 6:5.
  • Lesser decks is better
    You should always remember that this is only true provided that both games consistently align with the rules. Hence, if a game’s 2-deck has the same rules as that of a 6-deck, then the former has better odds.
  • Find the best table rules
    Normally, you would like the dealer to be on ‘Soft 17’. If it’s a 6 or 8-deck game, then you should play where you can easily surrender.
  • Don’t ever use the Martingale Betting System
    This system is dangerous because it requires you to double your bet anytime you lose. You should be wary of this because you stand a great risk of losing a huge number of hands in a row at a given point. Although you might survive for sometime when you use the Martingale, as soon as you begin to lose, the streak continues, and you lose almost everything, including the ones you previously won.
  • When you play at lower stakes, it doesn’t mean you lose less
    If you’re on a 6:5 playing table on a $20 per hand, for instance, there might be up to 2% loss, which could cause about 40¢ loss on every hand. Meanwhile, if you play the high limit 6-deck, you can only lose at 0.26%, which is an estimated loss of ¢26 per $100. You should note that the $20 bet would lose more than the $100 bet as time evolves.
  • Insurance is a no-go-area
    Do not, for whatever reason, take insurance. Your bet or hand is not a matter of concern here because insurance is a very bad bet. In it, just 4/13 possible cards would give the dealer a blackjack, which aligns with an ace standing at about 30.8% chance of blackjack. Let’s say you’re getting paid in 2:1 on an insurance bet. However, if you’re a pro who can use the card counting system, then you can employ insurance.
  • Don’t be too sharp to double your 7 or less
    Be wary about a dealer that shows a 5 or 6 because he is more likely to make a hand. It’s possible that you obtain a small card and desire to try another hit, but also remember that the probability that your dealer would make a hand is very high.

    Tips on blackjack strategies part 2

  • Do not stand in your ‘Soft 17’
    You should be aware that the ‘Soft 17’ hand can not be broken by taking a hit. If you stand, it can only push against a dealer’s 17, which produces either a hit or a double.

    The dealer has no say in your win or loss: You might even be tired and frustrated with the situation of the game, but you need to comport yourself and be respectful. Whether you believe it or you don’t, the fact is that dealers indeed desire that you win in order to make some backup tips for future use by players.
  • Keep emotions out of the game
    You shouldn’t make bets based on emotional inclinations. You should be able to have a preemptive view of what to bet and how you plan to move your hands.
  • Forget the bet size and make the right play
    Do not be carried away by how big the bet size of the day is, in order to avoid getting busted. Always move the gaming hand and not the money size.
  • Sit at a full table when playing for comps
    Doing this would slow down the game to a considerable extent and give you the avenue to play longer without taking many risks.
  • Do not bastardize the surrender option
    You should only surrender a 16 to a dealer’s 9, 10, or ace. And if the dealer brings a 10, put forth a 15. That is in case you’re playing a multi-deck game without counting of cards.
  • Do not double 4,4
    It is only when you’re facing a 5 or 6 that this becomes a split; otherwise, it’s a hit. Oftentimes, players who would never double a 3,5 or 2,6 always jumps at doubling a 4,4. Beware of this! The only clause here, however, is on a single deck game where you cannot double again once you split.
  • Losing or winning of the table
    The losing or winning of the table really has nothing to do with whether it’s winning streak would continue or not.
  • Don’t put all eggs in a basket
    You should never go all-in-one. Always preserve some money to double or split. There’s nothing as painful as getting aced twice in a blackjack.

Below are a few tips that are effective in managing your hand:

  • Do not split a hand of two 10s
    Any hand with two 10-value cards is really a great one. This is because the total value at hand is 20—very close to 21; Then, the dealer has no choice than to hit a 21 before he can win, which is very rare. Meanwhile, if you decide to split it, you still are not aware of what the second hand would be—which could even end up having 2 hands less than 20.
  • Never split a hand of two 5s
    Since a hand of two 5s equals a hand value of 10, then the best way to move ahead is to double down. Splitting is simply not the best because it increases your chances of getting two hands of a value of 10 each.
  • Split a hand of two aces
    A hand of two aces should always be split. It would increase your chances of getting a solid hand and win the game.
  • Split a hand of two 6s
    If you can figure that the dealer possesses a card of values between 3 – 6, then it’s only necessary that you split the hand of two 6s.
  • Split a hand of two 7s
    When you discover that the dealer has a card of values 3 – 7, you should instantly split a hand of two 7s.
  • Split a hand of two 8s
    It’s usually a common thing to do when you have a hand of two 8s. The addition of those values gives 16—which is regarded as a worse blackjack hand. If you hit, the chance of getting a low-value card is quite negligible. However, when that hand is split, your chance to obtain a hand having at least one 10-value card is boosted.
  • Split a hand of two 9s
    A hand of two 9s must be split, especially if the dealer’s hand has a value between 2,3,4—9.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it could be seen that the blackjack game could be won if the above tips and strategies are carefully followed. If heeded, you can be rest assured that you’re on your way to winning a fortune.

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