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Dream Palace Casino Casino Deposit Methods

Dream Palace Casino Online Casino distinguishes itself in multiple ways. For instance, we only offer games from premium developers in our collection. That doesn’t mean our collection is small in any way! With over 1000+ games from game studios like NetEnt and Microgaming, getting bored is not an option at Dream Palace Casino. Another way we set ourselves apart from the competition is we offer numerous deposit and withdrawal methods. In this article we’ll give you some information on each of them, and why it is important to choose the method that suits you.

Choosing your favourite payment method

There are many variables that can make a payment method work for you, or not. What is most important is that your money is safe, as is your personal information. We take great care in making sure your money is secured with us. No matter what deposit and withdrawal method you choose, we can assure you that the ones we offer meet the highest standards of security. But there is more than just safety when it comes to choosing your primary deposit method. There is convenience as well, but also fees and the option to use multiple services when needed. Which one suits you best totally depends on your playstyle and the availability in your country. So, let’s find out which casino payment methods you can choose from.

Pay By Phone Online Casino

We live in the age of apps and finance is no exception. We can only say that the Pay By Phone app goes extremely well with Dream Palace Casino, simply because you can enjoy our casino entirely on your phone. So if you use an app that makes it possible to pay with just a touch on your screen, you are totally free to play whenever you want and wherever you want! Since all our games are responsive and don’t require any download, there will be nothing stopping you from playing!

Mobile billing Online Casino

When you visit the App Store or the Google Play Store you can usually play by mobile billing if you have a mobile subscription. The same goes for online casino deposits when you use the option mobile billing. This is most likely the most convenient way to make your online casino deposits. You simply select the mobile billing payment method, and your deposits are automatically written of your bank account at the end of the month with your phone bill. There is definitely a danger of spending to carelessly here, so make sure you use this method with care.

Pay Via Phone Online Casino

Pay Via Phone is the brother of the Pay By Phone app. It is also a very easy to use and functional app that you can use to regulate your spendings online. It’s very functional and requires only once to set up. It is probably rewarding to compare the two and check for compatibility on your phone, in your country and with your bank. If you want to use such an app for online casino play and pay, be sure to have installed it before you sign up to Dream Palace Casino. This way you can start playing right away!

Credit Cards Online Casino

VISA and Mastercard, two of the most known brands worldwide. Ranking right up there with Coca Cola and Microsoft. That they have become this big is no coincidence, they provide excellent service and insurance on purchases. Not surprisingly, they are one of the prefered payment methods on Dream Palace Casino. This all comes at a cost of course, but the fees are acceptable and you don’t have to pay right away. Keep in mind that the credit card bill will come eventually, so use this deposit method responsibly when playing online!

e-Wallet Online Casino

Weird right, that you have a wallet for your money when you go to the store to purchase something, you purchase a lot of stuff online these days as well, but you don’t have something like an online wallet? Well, now you do! Thanks to services like Neteller and WebMoney, everybody can have access to their own personal e-wallet. When you have money in your wallet, you can exchange currencies, ship products and pay for services. All with the ease of your mobile phone. The use of e-wallets come at a small fee, but this is usually a lot lower than for example a credit card (though you can’t get credit on your e-wallet). An e-wallet is popular with many players cause it gives them insight in their spendings and is easy to use.

Bank Transfer Online Casino

Old fashioned? Maybe, but still a very viable and popular deposit AND withdrawal option. In the past few years many banks really increased their processing time thanks to digitalisation and the use of IBAN across all of Europe. Bank Transfer is also completely safe and is very low on fees. For people that don’t use a lot of online services and are just incidental depositors, bank transfer might still be the ideal payment and withdrawal method. Be sure to check the time standards regarding payment processing with your own bank, this can differ from instantly to 72 hours! Something you’d like to know in advance right?!

Bitcoin Online Casino

There is no such thing as an universal payment method that doesn’t care about currencies, countries or bank accounts. Yet. Though there are some contenders that aim to be just that and the most promising is Bitcoin. The blockchain technology makes for a transparent and leveled payment field with almost zero processing time and costs! But the verdict of the experts is not out yet on the matter if Bitcoin is completely safe or a stable currency. We are always looking for new interesting payment and withdrawal methods, if Bitcoin proves to be a lasting thing that is safe. We are sure to become your favourite Bitcoin Online Casino!

PayPal Online Casino

We are proud to offer you the famous PayPal Payment Service for your purchases. At the cost of a small fee you are insured for all your purchases. No that you would need any more certainty when playing in one of the most safe casinos out there (see our licenses and encryption!), but it sure does give you the feeling of being sure that your money is always gonna be safe. And the funny thing is, you’ll only need your email adress to use it!

What Casino payment method fits your playstyle?

The good thing is, we offer many more than the ones we discussed! VISA, Apple Pay, EcoPayz, PayviaPhone, MuchBetter and PaySafeCard for instance! Just pick your favourite payment method when depositing funds into your account. Now that you know everything about the pros and cons of these methods, it’s time to find one that meets your needs. There are some questions you have to ask yourself: do I like playing on desktop or mobile? Do I want my purchases to be secured? Do I want real time insight in my spendings? Am I using this method just for online casino or also for other online services? Answering all these questions helps you find a service that really suits you.

Why choose Dream Palace Casino?

Dream Palace Casino is a premium casino. What does that mean? We offer only premium game developers, premium payment services, premium 24/7 support and premium security with SSL-Encrypted technology. You don’t require to download anything to play and you can play on your mobile! But best off all: we’ll overload you with bonuses! Our Up To €1,000 + 100 Free Spins is just a start! So don’t wait any longer! Sign up now!

If you have any problems with depositing funds, don’t worry, you can contact one of our highly trained customer services people 24 hours of the day by email or online chat – Contact Us.

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