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Baccarat is one of the favoured and most played among casino games around the world. Baccarat is a game of pure luck and chance. The first important fact to know about Baccarat is that it is pronounced as “baa-ca-rah” with a silent “t”. Baccarat is a card game. How to win Baccarat? The game is easier than you might think; the player need not make any analytical decisions.

The player needs to make only wagering decisions, which makes it very easy to win Baccarat. The game of Baccarat simply involves choosing among the three bets. The players can, then, simply sit back and relax which the dealer does the needful. Since there is no skill involved, and the game is simply a matter of chance, Baccarat is growing in popularity among casino players that are looking for a break from Blackjack.

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Where and how did the game of Baccarat start?

Baccarat is counted among the oldest casino games. It is said that Baccarat found its beginnings in the salons of Italy and France. It was quite popular among the gamblers then. The word Baccarat itself is considered to be of French origin meaning “Zero”. In the past thirty years, Baccarat saw a spread to Asian countries and then gradually to the United States. Initially, when the game entered the United States, it wasn’t very popular.

The casinos had to try and lure players to the game by creating an attractive ambiance with large luxurious tables and attractive women in ball gowns. The game was already popular in Asia. It is the Asians who actually caused the game’s popularity in the US. The game of Baccarat being featured in the James Bond series as Bond’s favourite game to bet on, made it a house-hold name. The fact that it is quite simple to win Baccarat has sealed its fate as the top popular preferred casino game.

How do I play to win Baccarat?

The game:

The game of baccarat is played on a large table that generally seats 12 to 15 people. A deck of 52 cards is used in the game. 6 to 8 sets of these cards (depending on the number of players) are shuffled and placed in what is called a “Shoe”. A shoe is simply a plastic box that holds the playing decks. The differentiating point of Baccarat is that the whole game is executed by the dealer. The players are just “audience”. The game starts with the dealer dealing the cards. The players decide on their bets.

The outcome of the game is decided by the cards dealt by the dealer. This is one of the reasons for the preference of Baccarat over other games like

Black Jack. While games like Black Jack involve skill and strategy, Baccarat is a game of pure luck. In simple words, in a game of Baccarat, the dealer deals the cards, the players bet and the winning bets get the pay outs.

The Bet:

Players can place three kinds of best in the game of Baccarat.
A) The Player hand
B) The Banker hand
C) The Baccarat tie.

Players can lay their bet either on the Player side or on the Banker side. In the Baccarat tie, a player can bet that there will be a tie between the player hand and the Banker hand.

The Rules:

The dealer draws two cards each for the Banker and Player. Once drawn the face values of the cards are counted. The added total decides the fate of the players. Whichever total is closer to 9 wins. Cards 2 to 9 have a face value of their number, i.e., the card with the number 2 will carry a face value of 2 and so on. The Ace card has a value of 1. King, Queen and Jack have a face value of 10. In this case, 0 is taken as their face value.
Here are a couple of examples explaining how the game works.

Example1: The “Player” gets cards 4 and 3 which add up to 7 and the “Banker” gets cards 5 and 3 which add up to 8. The objective is to reach closer to number 9 or equal to 9 and not to overtake it. Since the 8 is closer to 9, those who have placed bets on banker win.
Example2: The “Player” gets cards with face value of 6 and 4 totaling to 10 and the “Banker” gets two Kings (In this case the “Banker” also gets a pair). Two kings are counted as 10 each and the total is 20. In this example both the “Player” and the “Banker” cross number 9.

In Baccarat, when the total crosses 9, the scores are reset. The first digit is dropped for both “Banker” and “Player”. So, for “Player” digit 1 is dropped off and the count now is now 0. For the “Banker”, the digit 2 is dropped off and the new count is 0. Both of them have 0 which is called the Baccarat. Now the dealer draws one each card for both the “Player” and the “Banker” and the face values are totalled. This process is repeated until one of them wins.

In the Baccarat tie, the added final total of both the “player” and the “banker” are the same. In this case, winners get an 8 to 1 pay out.

The Pay outs:

The dealer will pay-out to the players based on whether they have bet on “Player” or “Banker” and based on the outcome of the game. The dealer will also check for the people who have bet on Pairs and Tie and pay them accordingly. Pairs are usually 8:1, Tie is 7:1 and the actual bets 1:1. These numbers vary from casino to casino.

Few strategies that can help to win Baccarat:

Baccarat is a game of pure chance and luck. Still, there a few strategies that players can follow in order to increase their chances of winning. These strategies can, especially be helpful to newbies who have little or no experience in playing Baccarat.

a) Betting on the “banker” is considered to increase the odds of winning
b) Betting on “banker” is considered the best option, especially for those playing for the first time
c) Betting on the “player” is the next best option. It may not give good pay-outs all the time, but it can be considered when the player wants to change the betting strategy

It is better to avoid betting on the “Tie”. Technically, this bet may give the highest pay outs. But the overall chance of winning this bet is very meagre. So, it is always good to avoid this bet.

If you are going through a winning streak, continue playing until you hit a patch where you are losing. If you start losing, just take a break, play another game or opt for another Baccarat table. Playing is short winning streaks is a safe way to get out of the game with good pay outs.
It is always good to know the pay outs at each baccarat table and the commissions charged, before deciding which table to play at.

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Punto Banco Baccarat

We’ll tell you exactly what the difference is between Chemin de fer, banque and punto banco baccarat casino. First of all, baccarat is sort of like a general term for a number of variants of the game. There are multiple versions of baccarat of which punto banco is one. In total there are three main playstyles of baccarat: baccarat chemin de fer, baccarat banque (sometimes called ‘a deux tableaux) and the most common of them all, punto banco. Sometimes referred to as American or North-American baccarat. Before pointing out the differences, we’ll first explain a bit more about the variants. Starting off with Punto Banco Casino! Since that is what Dream Palace Casino basically is.

Play Punto Banco Baccarat Casino Games

Punto Banco is recently the most widely played version of them all. It is the most standardized version that is most accessible to new players. With Punto Banco the casino is always the dealer and the player can bet on either banker, tie or player. Then the standard baccarat rules apply, making it easy for a lot of players to apply strategies that otherwise require mathematical knowledge.

The differences with Baccarat Chemin de fer

Chemin de fer can be considered as the original version of baccarat. Chemin de fer means ‘railroad’ in french. This name was given to the game since every lost game by the banker made the dealer rotate, and along with it a chest with cash. The player left of the dealer would become the bank/dealer once the bank lost. In contrast to Punto Banco, where the casino is always the bank. Chemin de fer is usually played with multiple players, one takes the role of the bank and the others are called the ‘pointers’. As bank you have slightly better odds, so the goal of players is to defeat and become the bank. The bank calls the amount that he is willing to put at stake, players can then call ‘banco’ and compete the bank for the chosen amount. If no one is willing to compete, players can compete as one by each putting in a share of the bet. Now the game is played in the same way as Punto Banco. Chemin de fer is thus more a game of player versus player, where the standard version of baccarat is player versus bank.

Baccarat banque

Another more advanced version compared to punto banco casino baccarat is called ‘banque’. In this variant the bank plays two hands; the left and right side of the table. Each of which gets a hand. Each hand can represent multiple players, since more players are aloud to bet on a hand. Sometimes multiple players have to chip in to meet the bet of the bank. Unlike Chemin de fer, a bank can remain the bank as long as he can afford to do so. The bank can also put up his position as the bank for ‘bargain’, meaning a player could buy a bank seat. Something you don’t see in Punto Banco Casino Baccarat Games.

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