Roulette Celebrities

If you happen to visit the casino often then you should know that roulette is a fun game as it involves a spinning wheel and a ball that has the tendency of randomly stopping or landing on any pocket. Since roulette is seemingly a game of probability or chance, it might mean that every win could be said to be a stroke of sheer luck.
However, this theory doesn’t hold all the time as some roulette celebrities have emerged from the game of roulette. This invariably means that some experienced roulette players have taken the time and sheer patience to understand how the game works.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of these roulette acclaimed celebrities and how they came about their roulette winnings. They must have certainly exploited a loophole somewhere and somehow. We will be discussing these celebs as well as their specific techniques responsible for their huge roulette winnings.

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Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger is a very popular personality in the world of roulette. He is famously known as The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Joseph happened to be a textile engineer who resided in Bradford. He loved playing roulette; this and his knowledge in mechanics made him believe that wheels weren’t entirely random.

Fueled by this thought, in 1873, he started keeping track of the numbers of every roulette wheel in Beaux-Arts which is Monte Carlo’s well-known casino. After consistent tracking and up-close monitoring, he was able to notice the bias in their wheels. He discovered that one of the wheels had a penchant for favouring nine numbers which were 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29.
This new exposure led Jagger to pocket one of the tremendous wins in the history of roulette. This win was estimated to be £65,000, an equivalent of £3 million in today’s conversion rate.

Carol Jarecki

Asides from being a renowned and reputable chess player, Carol Jarecki had the opportunity to travel to a couple of casinos with Richard, her husband. As similar to Jagger, the couple discovered that not all roulette wheels were based on probability.
At last, in the 160s, Richard uncovered a way to win at roulette by recording roulette spins. This single feat led the Jareckis to successfully accumulate one of the biggest wins in the history of roulette. They won more than £1.2million, which is equivalent to £8 million in today’s currency.

Ian Fleming

If you have been wondering where the James Bond movie idea came from, wonder no more as Ian Fleming was the brains behind it. His book, Casino Royale inspired the 007 movie and other novels and short story collections in the same regard.
Debatably, Fleming is said to be an experienced gambler given that he described his roulette strategy so well and smartly in Casino Royale. In this same vein, Mr. Bond develops his gambling system that dwarfed other strategies as well as the Labouchere system. This roulette strategy became so reputable that it was eventually tagged as the James Bond strategy.

Mike Ashley

Most of us may know Mike Ashley as he is a billionaire entrepreneur and the CEO/Owner of a Newcastle football team. One time, he visited a private casino in Mayfair where he staked £480,000 on a single spin, with the number 17 inclusive.
This was quite a complex bet which included all corners, splits, corners, streets, and six-line bets, plus number 17. Mike also betted on the first half, middle column, middle dozen, black and odd. At last, he was able to win a whooping sum of £1.3million with £820,000 as his net profit.

Harry Styles

If you listen to One Direction, then you should be quite familiar with Harry Styles who rose to fame in 2010. When it comes to gambling, Styles isn’t left out as he enjoys it a lot. In this regard, he has a tattoo on his left shoulder inscribed as “17Black”. This signifies his favourite number in the game of roulette.
Years ago, he was spotted playing roulette in Perth, Australia. However, he and his band were allegedly told off by the casino management as it was reported they were blowing tremendous amounts of cash when they turned 18.

Norman Leigh

Norman Leigh who is a reputable and a renowned novelist incorporated the game of roulette in his novel titled Thirteen Against the Bank. The story features a man who broke the bank in the game of roulette in Nice in 1966.
The story was adapted from Leigh’s experience with his team of thirteen players and how they devised a reverse Labouchere strategy while betting on all six-outside, even-money bets at the same time; even, odd, red, black, high and low.

Sean Connery

Well, Sean Connery is the famous James Bond character and also a fan of casinos both on-screen and of-screen. Back in 1963, he visited an Italian casino where he placed bets on 17, he lost twice consecutively, he decided to place a final bet and won an estimated sum of £160,000 in today’s currency.
He was seen to have repeated this feat in the 1971 Bond movie; Diamonds are Forever. This invariably meant that the writers of the movie adapted it from Connery’s real-life experiences. Till this present day, most casino-goers continually place bets on 17 hoping to replicate Connery’s feat on-screen and off-screen.

Ashley Revell

Revell left players in the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel astounded as he was able to double his winnings within minutes. Revell staked a high amount on red after winning $135,000 and doubled it almost instantly. This roulette game was played in 2004 and watched by a suspense-filled audience. The game was even broadcasted to distant audiences and you can trust that they watched it with rapt attention.

Final thoughts

Roulette is an interesting game to play and these roulette celebrities have postulated this with their clever strategies and tremendous roulette winnings. If you look and study the roulette game closely, you may just be the next winner in the history of roulette.

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