Read all about why European Roulette Casino beats American Roulette Casino

European Roulette Casino is the best casino. Really. Sorry, USA, but for players European Roulette simply is the bread and butter of table games. For those of you who don’t know the difference between European Roulette Casino and American Roulette Casino, we’ll explain in short:

Simply put the European variant only has one green space on the wheel with a zero while the American variant has a zero and a double zero. When the ball lands on either of these spaces, all the bets go to the house. Needless to say, it makes quite a bit of difference whether you have either one or two of these spaces on the wheel. So how did this difference come to be?

The origin of American Roulette Casino

Late fifties of last century, roulette was a game that was about to be banished from popular American Casinos. The reason was that the house edge was simply too small. There are many roulette strategies that one can apply to diminish their losses (and the profit for the casino), so anonymously casinos agreed that roulette had to get the axe. But the players resisted, since they loved European Roulette Casino so much (which wasn’t called that back then yet) and instead came up with a new variant. This came to be known as American Roulette Casino. By adding another green space (the double zero), the casinos got enough profit again to keep offering roulette.

European Roulette Casino Online

Not surprisingly, many players still look for the Europan variant online if they can. Why? Simply because you have a better chance of winning! Dream Palace Casino has multiple European roulette games, including many LIVE games from premium game developer NetEnt. And the best of all is that you receive 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead on your first deposit when playing for the first time on our site! Are you already an existing player? Do not worry; we have not forgotten about you! Keep a close look on our promotion page, because we have new bonuses & promotions every week! It doesn’t matter if you are into slots or table games, there is always a nice treat for everyone!

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Playing with roulette strategies

Everyone can play roulette. And with the right amount of luck, everyone can win with roulette. But for those like to keep their money, we do advise you to follow a certain strategy when playing. There are multiple strategies you can use, the most easy and notable are Martinage, Fibonacci, La bouchere, Pivot and Paroli. Each of these also have a ‘reverse’ strategy. For example, with the Martingale strategy you double your bet each time you are losing. This strategy is really easy and fail-proof as long as your budget allows it (doubling can go quite fast). With the reverse Martingale, you are betting double when you won! Please note that you read everything there is to know before playing roulette with a strategy.