Can Live Roulette be rigged?

If live roulette can be rigged is also a matter of where you play it; therefore play at a trusted casino like Dream Palace Casino

If you visit a casino often or are an adept player of roulette, you will have wondered how casino wins players most of the time. Indeed, some suspicious questions should have circulated your mind. What happens? Do casinos cheat players at times? Or is the roulette wheel mechanised to the advantage of the casino?
We are going to be discussing some of these factors in this article. At the end of this article, you should have profound knowledge about roulette, and if they can be rigged or not. Also, we will be discussing land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

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Types of supposed cheating in roulette

Roulette is designed to be a game of chance as each outcome has the same chance of winning and losing. With the roulette wheel spinning in one direction, and the ball in another direction, we can rightly affirm that a roulette table is a tool for achieving fair and random results.
With the feature of probability, the roulette game can be naturally enjoyed. However, any game or venture that is money-induced is sure to attract cheating. Also, cheating at live roulette games isn’t restricted to the dealers (casino) alone, as players tend to cheat too.
In this regard, we are going to be looking at some supposed cheating methods used by players and dealers.

Mechanical Cheating

This system of cheating deals with the wheel and the ball. Casinos supposedly use this cheating style. Magnets are placed inside the ball and in the spinning table. In this regard, the casino can decide where the ball will land.

Another cheating method under the mechanised cheating method is known as padding. Here, the roulette wheel is manufactured with different materials. With this structuring, the ball tends to bounce more on some materials than others. This invariably means that some pockets in the roulette wheel will have softer woods or metals, while others might have stiffer pockets.

Digital Cheating

In this modern age, it isn’t unlikely to have apps and software that can predict or detect which pocket the ball will land. You’ve probably come across some companies that claim to be able to predict winning numbers. There is no limit to which computer programming can be used.

Sleight of Hand

This is probably the most common and oldest form of cheating. It is practiced at land-based casinos. In this cheating style, con artists palm chips and either adds them to a winning bet or a losing bet depending on the outcome. These cheaters are quite skilled enough to fool an observant croupier.

Can online live roulette be rigged?

Most of these supposed cheating styles and methods are based on speculations, as no one has come forth with any evidence. You are also likely to come across tons of YouTube videos showing the various ways players and dealers can cheat.
While you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of cheating in a hurry, ensure to understand that these YouTube channels may be trying to promote their channels by getting tons of views. It is okay to remain speculative, but you should only flaunt evidence and facts.
In this regard, we are going to be looking at some reasons why there might not be any cheating –

Multiple players

At a time, a live roulette table can have hundreds to thousands of players playing at the same time from different online casinos. This invariably means that every pocket and number would be covered as they will be distributed evenly among the players.
The claim that the ball can be tweaked to land on an un-betted pocket is just inconceivable as all the players have covered every pocket. What will the casino gain by tweaking the roulette wheel to favour a single player who is only betting a few pounds? The claim doesn’t just hold water.

Statistics don’t lie

Most tables tend to have about 500 spins. Taking a look at the distribution result, you’ll see that they balance out. Let’s say you cut down the results to 50; you will have a distorted outcome, which is also typical in random games.
People only complain of losing when they’ve lost in streaks of 20 spins or more. In a live roulette game, people have the potential to lose. Most complaints are mostly inspired by money loss.

Segregated end to end processes

You may find it shocking to know that the games aren’t run by the casinos as they use licensed and audited third-party suppliers. The games provided by the casinos are in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the licensing agencies.
Also, financial transactions aren’t handled by the live casino provider. The betting process is integrated with the casino’s own financial system. The process is simple and easy to comprehend. When you place a bet, money is taken from your casino account. If you lose, the money goes to the casino; if you win, the casino pays you.
Also, the casino doesn’t have access to the game or software that delivers the live roulette game. This invariably means that they can’t manipulate or tweak the outcome.

Games and Dealers are audited and monitored

One of the major platforms used in determining the legitimacy of casino games is Games integrity. This platform puts a lot of effort into monitoring the games and dealers. This keeps dealers in check and ensures that they don’t stray away from the standard operating parameters.
Both the games and the dealers are monitored by software and people. If there’s a breach, alarms will be raised and infringement will be investigated thoroughly. In some live casinos, monitoring is done manually. The dealers have been instructed to alert the pit boss’s if some outcomes have become repeatable.
If the ball keeps stopping in the same pocket repeatedly, they are instructed to report it. Hence they lose their job. With this set of rules and regulations in place, cheating at live roulette games is highly unlikely.

Already a built-in edge

If you’re familiar with casinos, you’ll understand that there is already a built-in edge that ensures that the house wins virtually every time. With this, the reason to cheat is highly improbable. The casino and the software providers are already making millions of pounds from their casino business. Why do you think they would risk their business for a few extra pounds per spin? It isn’t just plausible.
Furthermore, cheating at live roulette games would require the involvement of many persons. It will be incredibly absurd to think that no one in that would speak up. There is a lot at stake here.

Secure encryption and security cams

Regardless of whether you’re playing live roulette online or in a land-based casino, there is always a security measure installed to protect players and dealers alike. Online casinos have strong security encryption that protects online players from being scammed. Online casinos are known to make use of the SSL encryption, which protects the personal and payment information of players.

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