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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca (A Roman Philosopher)
Casinos are meant to be royal welcoming and the moment you take the name of royalty Dream Palace Casino top the list. The royal treatment in Dream Palace Casino is the most town talked and a never before experience. The moment you think of embracing your luck, step into our casino. We offer almost all a casino has to offer!

What do we offer?

Gaming and entertainment might be our vital mottos, but the royal treatment in Dream Palace Casino is no less discussed. Like all the casinos we offer plenty of luck favoring, entertaining and sheer thrilling games that hold your fortune. At Dream Palace Casino we entertain our players with a whole lot of games like 1) Poker 2) Craps 3) BlackJack21 4) Slots 5) Roulette 6) Pie Gow Poker 7) Keno 8) Wheel of fortune 9) Baccarat and 10) Bingo. Digging deeper about these.

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  • Poker: Poker is the most popular table game played in casinos. It is a card game played with a family of cards. The winner is determined based on the combination of cards. Poker is played in many ways, ways that need keen understanding. The player who understands the merit hands of poker reaps the fruitful results and has highest possibility of winning the game as every player knows that betting is the essence of this game.
  • Craps: When we talk about craps, it is a dice game played with a pair of them. Craps is a very old game knowingly played from the beginning of 19th century and still continues to be one of the most exciting betting games.
  • Blackjack21: It is the most played and enjoyed game than any other games in a casino. Blackjack is a card comparing game between two or more players and a dealer. Once you start reaping benefits, the game becomes addicting and shoots up your chances of winning.
  • Slots: Traditions are modified but never left behind. Such is the evolution of this special casino game. Once you start playing, the length decides the luck. It is a game in which the winner is decided by the variety of symbols on which the spin wheel stops. The more you play, the closer you are to open the door of fortune. In the royal treatment of Dream Palace Casino, we provide playing free slots without depositing any money.
  • Roulette: Think of going to a casino, the one game that pops in front of us is none other than Roulette. Again, one of the oldest and traditional games played in casinos, Roulette is a game where you can lay your bets on a layout choosing numbers or sets with matching rewards.
  • Pie Gow Poker: Here comes one of the most interesting games of a casino. Pie Gow Poker is almost related to Poker, but is a double handed game. It is played with a 52 card deck and a joker. It is derived from a Chinese domino game Pai Gow. Each player deals with seven cards and must make two poker hands, where five the five card hand must dominate the two card hand. There stands a banker with whose hands the player’s hands are compared after the showdown, that player who beats the banker’s hands wins the game.
  • Keno: Lottery is a word which draws the interest of many. The graph of faith on our luck keeps going up as we play this game. In the royal treatment of Dream Palace Casino, Keno is the most played lottery related game where we will be instructed to select particular set of numbers on a card given. Some random numbers are chosen by a computer installed there which are in between 1-80 and are displayed on Keno monitor. Winner is rewarded accordingly.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Obviously the name says it all. It is the most interesting word puzzle game as it keeps the brains of the players occupied. Any regular casino visitor will possess huge fascination towards this game. To those who would want to spin the wheel themselves in quest of their fortune, this is a go to slot machine, where the graph of luck moves like a roller coaster. Wheel of fortune is most enthusiastic slot machine in the royal treatment of Dream Palace Casino.
  • Baccarat: Among the games of cards, this game stands as a very peculiar one. Amidst of all the good luck and hard luck, the only game that feels not to give up is Baccarat. It is again a comparing game between the hands of player and the dealer after the showdown, sounds bit similar to Pie Gow Poker. This game is relatively easier to learn, understand and play. The players hand is always exposed first, once the cards are turned over and the total is announced to compare it to that of the banker.
  • Bingo: If you are looking for a game which is full of chances in the royal treatment of Dream Palace Casino, you should definitely take the name of Bingo. The dealer randomly marks some selected numbers and if the player happens to find those numbers arranged in order in the card they are holding, they call out “Bingo”. It is a competition among the players to complete the markings on their cards.

Check your luck visiting our Dream Palace Casino:

After all, “Gamers always believe that an epic win is possible and that it’s always worth trying and trying now.” — Jane Mcgonigal.
The dream of winning is the path of a rollercoaster, ups and downs, fears and thrills and then, once you reach the destination it is the success of the voyage that is talked about. Casinos are filled with fortunes. To get this Royal treatment in Dream Palace Casino and to check with most gripping offers and bonuses we provide with all the above games, step in to the vast sky of Dream Palace Casino and collect the stars of your luck and adorn the door of your fortune.

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