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Make the quickest win ever by using SMS to deposit to Dream Palace Casino Online SMS Casino and get 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead to play with!

Double your Play Money with a simple SMS Today!

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At Dream Palace Casino Casino you can pay and play ALL GAMES by simply using your phone’s SMS function:

Play now or find out how!

Dream Palace Casino Casino is the best Online SMS Casino in the UK! You can start now by clicking the link above or below or continue with our tutorial:

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We welcome you with 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead on your first deposit!

Use the convenience of paying by SMS and get a 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead! Since costs for using SMS are around zero, that means you get to double your slots instantly.

SMS Service based games

All of our 300+ games are compatible with SMS deposits and can be played with your mobile phone (and desktop!)

SMS Casino Tutorial

Just follow our stept to step guide to start playing by using SMS

Step one: Create an account

Visit Dream Palace, oh wait, you’re already here!

Join Now

See the ‘join now’ button on the homepage? Click it to start winning!

Mobile Validation

Register by filling in the form and we’ll send you the authentication code by SMS.

Step two: Make your first deposit

See the “Deposit Now” button? Click it!

Deposit Now

Step three: activate to play!

All that is left is to press the ‘ok’ button!
Check your mailbox for the confirmation mail and keep it safe in case you forget your username!

Step 4: your first SMS Casino Deposit

Go to the “Pay via Phone” option.

Choose Pay via Phone

Step 5: Finalise your setup

Almost there! All you have to do now is:
1) Select the £10 option
2) Use the 4 Digit Code that you have received as authentication SMS.
3) type “I acknowledge the above information”
4) Press the “Deposit” button



You successfully set up your account! Enjoy playing your favourite game!


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