Relive the golden age of casino with DreamPalace Online Casino

Back in the day, casinos were a classy place. A place to be seen wearing your finest clothes. It was a social occasion, a night out. Cities like Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo all hold classy casinos that remind us of ages long gone. So does DreamPalace Casino. Next to modern, high end and visually stunning slots, we offer many classic casino games. Games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Games that date back hundreds of years and have never lost popularity. Experience the real casino feeling from behind your computer or even on your mobile phone. Play with live dealers on the famous NetEnt casino; play the games that reward strategy and thinking!

Roulette and Blackjack date back a long time

Casinos originated originally in Venice at the dawn of the renaissance, though gambling has been a worldwide phenomenon since the beginning of time. Roulette originated in France, as the unlikely result of trying to create a perpetuum mobile. The first roulette table saw the light of day during the french revolution in 1796 in Paris. Also blackjack has its roots in France, though numerous accounts of similair games circulated in Europe. Most of them all revolved around getting 21 or 31 points. Blackjack really took flight in popularity in the United States, where it was also known as 21 for a long time (until 1931 in Nevada).

Happy to live in the digital roulette age!

You know what people would have loved hundreds of years ago? A bonus of €800 just to get them started! Unfortunately, such crazy bonuses were unthinkable back then. Even for today’s standards, €800 is really a lot of play money! On DreamPalace Casino, we actually give this bonus for just depositing. So you win, before you even won! At your very first deposit, you will receive a 100% match up bonus up to €200. It only gets better after that! On your second deposit, we automatically give you another 50% match up bonus up to €300 and finally you get 100% match up bonus up to €300 again on your third deposit! Bonuses have always been a part of casinos and so are VIP programs, DreamPalace is no exception! We reward loyalty with weekly promotions, cash back actions and exclusive prizes.

Playing Roulette and Blackjack was never so safe

Even though the past might be more romantic, your money is a lot more safe in the present! And seeing we have NetEnt live roulette and blackjack casino, we managed to keep some of that historic romance. Being licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commission, we are regulated by the highest standards of security. Join now!

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