Initially, if you wanted to play roulette, blackjack, or any casino game, you had to look for a live casino to play it in. Playing casino games in a live casino is quite thrilling as you have to interact with adversaries and witness the croupier spin the roulette wheel. These actions are quite fascinating and interesting.

Over time, things got better with the emergence of the online world. The cyberspace introduced a digital and simulated type of casino. This development took casino playing to the farthest corners of the earth, plus it could be played from the comforts of your home.

In this regard, one will think that virtual casinos would recruit more casino game players as compared to live casinos, but this is quite disputable as most casino game players still prefer live dealers. Why? We are going to be discussing some of the reasons why casino game players tend to prefer these casinos.


This is one of the many reasons why casino game players choose live casinos. Over time, most reputable live casinos have been able to brew trust in casino gamers. Casino game players have also had the time and chance to familiarize themselves with the gaming processes. Virtual casinos have also built trust in their casino game players, but players are more convenient when they can see the dealer physically.


Most live casinos are known to have strict security policies that scrutinize every casino player, including the dealers. This goes further to foster reliability among the players and the casino. Live casinos are also known to have security cams around in the case of any sly play, which is also very unlikely.


Most live casinos have also had the time to build a very strong reputation that has led to casino gamers relying on them. This age-long advantage has been the reason why live casinos have so many clients and customers. People tend to relate more with what they can feel and touch. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t reputable online casinos, there are, but when compared with live casinos, the scores significantly differ.


This might sound odd, but being in a live casino gives a particular feel that can’t be equaled to an online casino. The suspense, spins, and tension make it even more enjoyable. Humans are interactive beings, and this feature comes into play at live casinos as people want to relate and identify with the winning player. On the plus side, gambling at live casinos comes with a gaming effect that most players can’t part with. Virtual phone bill casinos, on the other hand, try to replicate this with virtual features and all, but it isn’t the same as live casinos.

Final thoughts about live casinos

‘With the advancement in virtual technology, it has been speculated that live casinos might start working on mobile phones soon. This invariably means that you would be able to chat with your croupier from any location. While this is yet to come, casino game players can still enjoy the thrill of live casinos.’

This was how people thought five years ago. Now, the future is here. You can actually play NetEnt Live casino here on Dream Palace Casino!