How to win at Blackjack

Many blackjack players ask themselves; how to win at blackjack? When it comes to casino banking games, Blackjack has a position at the front-row seats. The Blackjack game is quite amusing. It is a game of comparison which involves one or more players and a dealer, and each player plays against the dealer. It can also be referred to as Twenty-One (which is an American variant of popular banking games)

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In this article, we shall focus on the ways or strategies to win Blackjack game:


Unlike some other casino games, Blackjack is a game of probabilities. So, to have a higher chance of winning you must be quite familiar with Blackjack strategies or Blackjack rules. Of course, every player should be aware that they need to get up to a 21 to beat the dealer. But some aren’t versed in the necessary moves required. Before you start playing, you should know the basic rules of how to double down, split your hand, or surrender your hand. You must know all these rules because it will help in every strategy you come up with, and it will also increase your chances of emerging the winner.

  • Double down- This occurs when you decide to double your bet. You receive only one card when you do that.
  • Split your hand- This is when you have a pair of cards (cards that are the same). You can decide to split them and play them as two separate hands and bets.
  • Surrender your hand- When the game is quite unfavourable to you, or you have a bad hand, you can decide to surrender the game, saving half your bet but many casinos don’t allow this move.


In terms of gaining advantages, the dealer gets first. This is so because the player must make the first move without knowing what the hole-card or face-down card is. More so, once the entire additional count of your card surpasses 21 or bust, you will lose the game even if the dealer busts as well. Knowing this will help in showing you how to react to playing cards. It will also help in the prediction of the card the dealer has which is faced down.


Rules are peculiar to various casinos and Blackjack games. Sometimes, they could be quite discouraging as the odds may not be in your favour. Some rules as unique to tables in various casinos are structured in a way that winning would be quite uneasy. For instance, a game that makes it harder for you to emerge winner on a long-term basis, such as one that gives room for the dealer to hit on a soft 17 shouldn’t be played. You should be sure about the rules that a table plays by and also know if it is quite fair.


When playing an average live Blackjack game, you must be consistent. We advise that you increase your bet by one dollar or other units of measurement until you emerge the winner. Moreover, there can’t be any certainty as to who shall win the game because it is dependent on probable outcomes. The least you could do is to try to be cautious with how you place bets. You can try out low stakes after you have lost a game, then you can decide to increase it when you feel the game is quite favourable to you.


The more you play Blackjack, the more you’ll gain experience of how it is played, and this may also make you know the chances to exploit to win the game. Once you know the benefits of high cards in the deck, the high amounts of blackjack they could fetch you, and how to proceed with the hand you have, your chances of winning may be increased. Then you could increase your bet to win more cash at the end of the game.

These are some strategies that you could employ while playing the Blackjack game. It is fun to play if you are well-versed on its rules and you can win a lot of cash. On the contrary, it is advisable not to ‘bet-play’ in a casino if you haven’t thoroughly learnt it. Otherwise, there is bound to be colossal losses.

In summary, Blackjack is a game of profit and loss, and it can be enjoyed by those who understand its rules.

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