Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the online casino world. Learn more and play for yourself!

To understand what live blackjack is, we first need to know what is Blackjack? It is one of the most popular card games of casinos and is also known as Twenty-One. The interesting part of playing blackjack is that it is not played while competing with other players whereas in this card game every player competes with the dealer. This game has gained its popularity from its American version which is played universally on a wide range and is considered as Casino banking game. Isn’t it interesting? If a player is well introduced with the game and plays well with all the rules then the player is estimated to have more chances of winning the game.

What is Live Blackjack?

Live blackjack is all about playing the game with a live dealer and players without even going to any stationed casino. You can join the Blackjack table of Dream Palace Casino casino from anywhere in the world with your utmost comfort zone through our mobile app or mobile page. It is one of the most favourable moves to show your love for this game without even traveling miles or without making any extra efforts to search the substantial stationed casino. What an amazing experience it would be, playing blackjack live from your place and you can experience the original fun and thrill similar to in a real casino. Our online gambling experience is getting preeminent day by day, as it offers more absolute, & efficient dealers with the more upgraded amount of winnings.

Rules to Play?

There is no new rule or guideline to play live blackjack. The only target is to capitulate the dealer. The game is played with a regular array of 52 cards or more. The game is quite easy for the one who knows it to play well or has a good practice of game and quick in calculations as well. You just need to learn the worth of the cards as it is variable depending upon their value. Cards from 2 to 10 serve the same worth as their value on the card while cards from jack to king express 10 points each whereas the worth of Ace can be either 11 or 1. This is all which you need to remember while playing the game.

How to Play Live Blackjack at Dream Palace Casino casino?

The game is usually played with 2 cards provided to the dealer and each player. But, if you want to experience the real feeling of stationed casino in your comfort zone, then make sure the volume of your phone is not muted. So, the first very important step is, not to get a sum value of your cards above 21. The second step is to either confront the dealer with a busting sum of his cards or get a better score than the dealer. The player has the leverage to see both his cards before taking a call and one card from the dealer’s covered cards if the player aspires to do it.

After this step, the player is asked if they wish to choose another card from the array or would like to continue the game with the same cards. However few more options are also accustomed to the players on the tables of live blackjack at Dream Palace Casino casino like he can split his cards or maybe he wants to double the cards then the player is accommodated as per his choice. If the player chooses to play with the same cards then the dealer would be asked to uncover his cards and show it to the player. The same opportunity is given to the dealer as well and based on the points of both, the result of the bet is decided.

Why Dream Palace Casino casino?

At Dream Palace Casino casino we provide you the proper guidelines to play the game on all primitive grounds. Every player wants to win more and always look for some extra bonuses form the side of the casino. On our live blackjack table, we offer you the privilege of combining your bonus best with cashback options to win a big amount through smaller bet amounts. Take a tour of well-heeled experiences optimized in the form of welcome bonus and other ongoing live casino promotions and bets with Phone Bill Casino. These could be your additional perks in the form of different bonuses, cashback, and casino offers.

Experience the thrills of your favourite game on the couch of your living room with intriguing dealers of Dream Palace Casino casino online which adds the full sense of reality as of stationed casino.

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